Information for authors

Requirements for the preparation of articles

 Articles may be presented in Lithuanian or English. The volume of paper is 6 (A4 size) pages.

The articles must be prepared in .docx format and hunged in e-system.

The article must be formatted according to presented sample of article 


 Requirements for the presentations (pdf format)

Number of slides from 5 to 15.

Structure of the report: title, brief introduction, aim of the work, research methodology, 
clearly presented research results, conclusions, contacts of participants (e-mail address, etc.).

Do not use large amounts of text. Do not mix fonts. Text font size - not less than 18 pt. 
The style of graphics and text layout should be kept the same throughout the message. 
Number the tables and figures. Use different colors in graphs and charts. 
Use easy-to-understand legends in your pictures. 
Number and summarize the conclusions.


Presentations in pdf format (prepared with Powerpoint program)  must be sended by e-mail: